It is invaluable to have a contractor who fully understands asphalt pavements; someone who designs, builds, maintains and restores asphalt surfaces. The Unitex Asphalt Services team delivers this unique broad range of experience and perspective to your project.

New Pavement
Pavement design incorporates many factors. When planning a new pavement project, special consideration must be given to the nature of the subgrade soil, expected traffic loadings and the desired life expectancy

Pavement Repair
To determine a proper approach for repair, Unitex Asphalt Services analyzes jobs from the perspective of cause, be it subgrade drainage issues or simply age, we always look at the ‘big picture’ before making recommendations. Repairs involving milling and restoration are routinely performed in bringing damaged areas up to par, before any resurfacing or sealcoating project.

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Asphalt Gallery

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