Waterproofing is an essential service that is often forgotten about until it is too late. Our Waterproofing Division concentrates on the exterior building seams, specifically areas prone to leaks.

Powerwashing your building, a task that should be handled on a regular schedule, is effective in removing pollutants, black algae and even mold build-up.

Facade repairs can be made to EFIS (i.e. dryvit), block, concrete and even brick, where re-pointing is a common practice.

Clear sealants can protect a surface without a change in appearance, whereas pigmented sealants can provide a dramatic shift in color and appearance.

Leak Solutions
Unitex replaces aged and faulty caulk joints including control joints, expansion joints, window perimeters and window glazing. We specialize in evaluating individual leaks, and providing a solution for the immediate problem at hand. Our business is to keep you dry.

Want to discuss your waterproofing needs with one of Unitex’s knowledgeable project managers? Call 484-237-8686 or email us.


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